Travel: Lissabon - Lisboa (San Jose castle, Tram 28, Tuk Tuk)

In a literal last minute -I dont wanna spend my vacation in Berlin- meltdown, I have decided to book whatever flight was left 2 days before. You can imagine my excitement when an affordable flight to Portugal popped up. Lissabon has been always one of my "have to see" places. Eventhough I was aware that my journey would be a self-trip, I did it anyway. I love spontaneous things and it makes me kinda sad that nobody in my environment seems to have this in their blood. Believe me even back then when I was travelling to Madrid, I offered some people to pay for all their expenses (I was scared to travel alone back then- so this was definetly a despair-moment), it is soooo hard to find anybody to travel spontaneously with. This is just a disclaimer that Im not anti-social.

Ferry Boat Trip
One of the few things I was not aware of is how much this city can resemble San Francisco. Right? This is one of their infamous bridges, connecting the other part of Lissabon. To get a view like this, I definetly recommend to book a touristic ferry boat trip which is operated by the Yellow Touristics company. You can get a ticket at terrero do paco.
Eventhough it was february, the sun was pleasant but I would recommend to bring at least a thicker jacket if you want to sit outside.

Tram rides - Tram 28
Historic Tram rides are very popular in Lissabon, especially Tram 28 which is connecting the city center Baixa with Alfama (upper city). Quick disclaimer: Lisboa was built on 7 hills which gives the city so much charm because you never know what you will expect in the next corner.
The trip to Alfama by foot seems like a great idea but to be honest, the streets are steep. If you want to visit the castle San Jose you should take the tram. However, it will be crowded and if you are not that adventerous, you will be better off with a tuk tuk.

Tuk Tuk to the Castle
At my first attempt to explore the castle by foot, I failed miserably because the streets are incredibly steep. I took this as an opportunity to get in touch with a local-tuk-tuk driver. When you are alone you try to talk to as many locals as possible. Before hopping into one of these, please make sure to negotiate a good price - especially if you are on your own. 
The ride was fun but very short, coming from the city center, so think twice about it. 
At the top you have to make your way to the castle and the view up there is amazing. And I have even seen peacocks casually strolling around the castle. The view is great but without a tour guide, the castle itself is not helpful for historic discoveries.

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