My Madrid trip - Hot Spots

Ein 8 Tage Urlaub hat sich dem Ende geneigt und ich bin um einige Erfahrungen, Momente reicher geworden. Reisen ist ein Selbstfindungsprozess und egal wo man sich auf die Reise auf der Erde begibt, öffnet es den Horizont und Alltagsprobleme werden nichtig, gar lächerlich. Der Wert des Lebens steigt und all die Guten Dinge im Leben sammeln sich. Und manchmal fügt sich alles und Entscheidungen fallen einem leichter.
Und genau das brauchen wir von Zeit zu Zeit. Deshalb sage ich auch jedem, der sich Urlaub nimmt, auch weg zu fahren. Distanz zu nehmen, auf sich selbst zu hören. Sich selbst herauszuforden und nicht alles verbal zu verstehen.

Mein Weg hat sich nach Madrid verirrt. Es war eher eine spontane Entscheidung, da ich von BeIn App/ Samsung zur Fashion Week eingeladen worden bin. Da ich nicht nur einen Tag dort verbringen wollte, sondern sich auch eine weitere Reise nach Valencia ermöglicht hat, habe ich es zum Anlass genommen ein paar Tage alleine Madrid zu erkundigen. Was eine sehr gute Entscheidung war. 
Der Trip war besonders. Alleine zu sein, hat manchmal seine Vorteile. Insbesondere im Hinblick auf dein Inneres zu hören und das Leben mal zu beobachten.
Der tollste Teil des Madrid Trips war wohl mein host des Appartements. Die ältere Frau war so liebenswert und eine Intellektuelle. Sie war eine Journalistin und hat auf der Ganzen Welt gelebt, dementsprechend belebt waren ihre Erzählungen. Das ist manchmal eben das Besondere an einer Reise. Die Menschen die du triffst und das was sie dir mit auf den Weg geben.

An eight day travel has got to an end. I have always felt the desire to explore new spots but at times I couldnt afford. Therefore I try to travel as much as I can now I can do it. Memories is what I desire to collect. New people, new cultures and a new way how to express yourself. Sometimes the little gestures can change your whole thoughts cause it will put your lifestyle into a whole new perspective. Problems get unimportant because you realize how small you are on this mother earth. 
There I have been in Madrid, all alone relying on myself. I think the me-time is the most valuable cause at the end of the day "you will be your best friend". 
My whole trip I have been walking from one spot to another, exploring one history to another. Reading and listening to all the foreign words that run through your way. The most amazing part of my trip was this old lady I have stayed with. She offered me one of her rooms which I loved. It was so old-fashioned and full of life. Well she told me a lot about Madrid, the economics here and the mentality. Her way of explaining was amazing. She used to be a journalist and travelled the whole world. There aint no better than sharing memories... All of a sudden Madrid came to life.

One of Mr Picassos Masterpieces <3 br="">

What to do in Madrid!
When it comes down to the hot spots of sight seeing, I have seen it all. Well if you are 3 days on your own in a foreign city, you somehow need to kill time. Madrid is full of places to visit and all by walking.

Plaza Mayor
is the best way to start off all the sightseeing. Its a huge plaza with dozens of restaurants, very over-prized though. Here you can find a tourist information spot where you can supply yourself with maps, tickets and so on.

Calle Mayor
is the leading point to the residence and a very impressing kathedrale. Just keep on walking and follow the touristy crowds and you wont miss any place

Reina Sofia
Are you interested in art? Well this is the spot to be. I am for instance an admirer for Pablo Picasso. I have read a biography about him and also studied a lot of his work. You might think its strange for me but I love art.

Unfortunately this was a very disappointing part of my Madrid visit. Eventhough it offers a lot of high street brands like topshop or zara, the selection of clothes are very limited. The shops are tiny - compared to Berlin - that if its not really your style - which was in my case- you might end up very frustrated.

Well Spain in general is a place of meat. So as a vegetarian it can be hard for you to find something spanish- meatless. No wonder you have billions of meat stores which seem to be everywhere in town. The best part was Jamon. Uh so delicious. Try iberian jamon, its very expensive but very tasty and you can be sure that this animal had a good life.


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