Don't be a stranger girl, it's just me :)

Heelllo :)

Hier sind für euch zwei Outfitideen :)
Oberteil: HandM 3 €
Bustier: HandM 1 €
Hose: Soho Zoo
Jeans Short: HandM
Kniewärmer: Türkei
Wedges: Zara
Schuhe: TkMaxx

Arnreife: HandM

Here is a basic outfit idea of mine... Hope you'll like it :)
Shirt: H and M
stripped tiny thingy: HandM
Shorts: HandM
Jeans: SohoZoo
Stocking: turkey
Wedges: Zara
Shoes: Tjmaxx

Hasta la Vista, Baby


  1. a very cool look! watch your vids yesterday! u r soo cool!!

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