Music inspiration Poem

So here is as little poem, 
Sometimes the sound of the music give me inspiration to write something
And since im constantly listening to the wonderful singer Melody Gardot, I had to write something down...
I recommend to listen to the song while you re reading the poem (at the end there is the link to the song) 

Your heart is as black as night
is what you can hear the piano yell
its yelling in an echo
repeating over and over again

oh boy its a sin to be with you
its a misleading way to lying tenderness

Your heart is as black as night
is what I hear her singing
in an emotional broken voice

oh dear fellows i feel all your pain
smelling your breath full of alcohol
your blurred minds
sunk into old memories
of your missed loves

I feel your spiky hearts
beating and bleeding
like mine

written by myself


  1. ich verfolge schön länger deine videos auf youtube und hab gerade enteckt, dass du auch bei blogspot bist ;)
    ich liebe deine videos udn du hast eine sehr sympathische art! mach weiter so!



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