Photoshoot pics/ behind the scenes

Hey =]
As you might know from my current video I have had a photoshoot. Unfortunately the photographer is not able to send me the pictures. I dont know if he is busy. lol Anyways I have a few pics that he has send me so we go with them... And of course a little sneak peak behind the scenes :)

Here are the pics

"Floating through unknown passion"
The whole topic of the shooting was fashion. Its all about the lifestyle. We wanted to catch the feeling which fashion gives to us. Basically I had to act fallen for fashion which is not really hard because I love fashion, eventhough not the mainstream one :P
 "show your real face, masks are fragile"
This shot is my fav one. I stumbled over that mask at home and I was immediately obsessed. And we have found a good way to use it.

"hello sunshine"

"dont regret it"
lol I remember the passengers wondering about why I lay on the dirty ground :P It was funny


I hope I will get the other pictures soon. I might post them here. If not you can also go on my facebook fan page...

Behind the scenes
These are just screenshots from my video. You can see the full videos on my german and on my english channel.Scroll down
the photographer

 in action



 Thats it :)
More photos will come soon
 Here are the videos of the shooting... On my german video there is also a lot of behind the scenes and photographer talk. Just in case you can speak german or are interested in it.Watch

The german version

My network for more pics


  1. Finde die Bilder tooootal toll.
    Wo bekommt man denn einen Fotografen her?
    Kostenlos am besten...hihi.

    Ich liebe auch Bilder und mache ständig Fotos.
    nur so professionell sehen sie leider nicht aus.
    Habe nur ein Handy mit dem ich Bilder knipse.

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