Sonntag, 25. Juli 2010

Nail varnish: Flormar/ get rid off annoying cuticles

Heeeeeeeeeeey yoooo!
My mom went to beautiful turkey with my bro and brought me bunch of my fav nail varnish brand "Flormar"
Personally Im not a huge fan of high end brand nail varnish. I think its a waste of money. Lets be honest, your nail varnish will dry out anyway after 4 months (then you will throw it away unless you keep it for braggin purposes :P) and im not rich :) lol
Anyway Flormar is a good a very good alternative. Its really cheap and it lasts foreeeever. I have one nail varnish I have over a year now and the consistency is still like first day :)
Every woman in Turkey just uses this brand and that means something I guess :)
Lets take a closer look.
(left to right) 099- a metallic deep blue 
When you apply this colour you need two coats :/ unfortunately
321- fire red
You only need one coat :) I think its a sexy colour. It looks way more vibrant than it does in the pic
048- blood red
one coat. its very mysterious :P
This is my typical french nail. I have billions of these two :)
319- its the top coat 
310- french tip
The most compliments I get with these french nails. People ask me if its fake nail ( a bit annoying) but I think its a hint these colours work !
I looove them. The only thing I do NOT recommend is to apply two coats of the top coat. It just looks uneven and weird :)

125-I think its a nice toned down pink but you will need two coats

OKKKKAAAAY now its time to talk about the nail care nourishing oil with vitamin E product.
item 10
I absolutely love this product!
I have had such a struggle with my cuticles. They are always a bit white...because of the dead skin. Its so annoying cause I couldnt really get rid off it. I tried out this product wooohow it disappeared. I mean it reappeared the next morning but at least you can get rid off for a day.Your cuticles feel way softer :) 
APPLICATION: you apply it around your nails and you re ready to go...
It smells like lemon :) 

Just in case you wonder if you have a flormar store. I would look it up on their website
(they also produce make up) 
I have heard that douglas in germany started to sell it here in germany which is yeeeah :) but I think they will sell it for a ridiciolously high price. :P 

I post also my foundation routine video on here. I know it has nothing to do with nails buuuut ... there is no but :P

Sonntag, 18. Juli 2010

Gifts and mac haul / best music quotes

Dolls :) Dolls Dolls

Whattsss upppp ?
Long time no see *shame-on-my-face*
Hehe anyways
I dunno if you have seen my latest video ... Here it is

There Im talking about this gergous ahhhh omg i love it xD
I have been literally in love   
Here is a pic about it

2 bottles of Viktor and Rolf Flower bomb? 
My bf he is the cuttest. I have always been talking about this scent but unfortunately this (I would swear normally now) is expensive like a -peeeeep-
So my babes got it for me for our anniversary :) but he has told me he ordered it over ebay... So it was quite cheap compared to the original price :)
Its not a dupe its the real scent :)

PS: Ask at your local perfume store if they have a sample. You will get a better impression on how the perfume works on you :)
My bf and I went to hannover a few days ago... Of course I couldnt stop myself to go into the mac booth at douglas :) So this is a mixture between the stuff I have bought there and online
 (Left to right)
Naked lunch eyeshadow
I literally use this eyeshadow daily... Its gergous. At first I was a bit sceptical because I always say  "never trust a hype" but in this case you truly can. For a photoshoot make up I have tested this on a girl and it looked amazing...
Thumbs up :)
Price: 16,50 €

Mac fix +
It was only once in use and just for a try out purpose...
Therefore my review on this wouldnt be really honest...
I have bought it to use it for my pigments and not to fix the make up . The first time I sprayed it into my face I felt refreshed but I havent recognized any difference. My make up was still melting lol 
Price: 18 €

Mac bands of roses (into the groove collection)
This baked blush is just amazing. Its long lasting and you need a tiny amount and get great results. Easy to blend and it comes with two colours which is beneficial :) 
Price : 24 €

Before I end my day I want to end it with music quotiations
Mostly from drake
I love himmmmmm
"They are trying to shoot down my plane before it lands"
"So what I tend to do is to think today as the past. Its funny when you are coming here first but you hope that you last"
"Im standing to my ex girl standing with my next girl standing with my girl that Im f**** right now" haha
"We wont be here forever"

I swear I could move on and on with this talented young man :) He is the best... And if you want to say something bad about him Well I recommend you to take your head and bust it into the next wall :P loooool
Last but not least

i'm going to become rich and famous after i invent a device that allows you to stab people in the face over the internet


Donnerstag, 1. Juli 2010

extreme make up and ring quick tip

Hey dolls :)
I've done a really dramatic eye make up for you :)
I know that I usually dont do crazy eye make up because I dont really wear much make up... Buuut I thought well Im a make up lover, so I should do at least one... The recorded make up tutorial to the upcoming look will be up in a few days... On my english channel of course

Lets get started
 So yeah thats the look... And can you see my fake eyelash hanging around my eyes... It wants to stand ouut ... What a cool and unique eyelash *trying to hide my fail* loooools

Anyways here is a picture of the products I used
Left to right
-Artdeco lipgloss
-Artdeco camouflage cream
-Artdeco mineral foundation
-Beyu bronzer
-Artdeco blush no 4
-elf blush in glow
-Sleek pigment jet set
-maybelline expression khol kajal
-maybelline eye brow pencil in brown
-maybelline xxl pro
-artdeco highlighter
-zoeva pallette 96
-sleek divine chaos pallette
-red cherry false eyelashes

No instruction how to do it :) Just go on my youtube and you will find it there as soon as its  online

Quick tip:
How to get rid off ring colouring

We all know these cheap and beautiful rings that tend to look like some disease on our fingers. Here is a quick and effective tip

All we need is a ring and a basic transparent top coat (nail varnish)
Paint your ring with the top coat and wait until it dries...
And voila... almost a real silver ring

Have fun dolls :)