Style check: Sailor, colours and flowersprints and haul

Hey beautiful people :) 
Lets begin with the content of my latest video. 
Its all about a hot summer. The first outfit is inspired by the JetSet look and to be honest I love the JetSet look. Its all about glamour *shineeee*

My first outfit
I absolutely love this dress. Im aware its super pink buuut with a tanned skin it just looks amazing.

Plus this dress was super cheap. 10€ Hellloooo ???

So I went to Zara and found this short and I have been looking for these for AAGGGES. The first time I saw these kind of shorts was in the Jennifer Lopez Video "Im gonna be allright" :) video. And yeah after 10 years I have finally found one :)
I tried to combine the classic shirt with the flower print shorts and to give the whole look its individuality I put a scarf loose around my shoulders...

Flower Power Baby

 Who thought Sailor moon is out? Lol 
And yeah I have this thingy for sailor looks these days. Marine blue Pencil skirts, blazers, stripes :) Anything really.
I know many "stick to fashion rules" women might see this combination as wrong. But I dont like to follow any rules.
What made me combine flower print shorts with a stripes shirt is that it is ME...  You know I looove clothes and fashion and what I love more is to mix and try out something new. I dont like to look the same every day. Today I might wear something girly but tomorrow I might walk around alternative with xxl shirts or a bussiness look...


Lets begin with the haul part
Recently I have bought some stuff I want to share with you guys. I dont want to do haul videos on my youtube page as much because I want to teach. Therefore I want to take some advantage of my blogspot to show you guys what I buy and how much does it cost :) 

First of all I want to start with the clothes part. I havent photographed everything because I couldnt find the most stuff well in my closet. My closet is like a monster. It is eating my clothes and hiding it in its big stomach. :) What a metapher
Anyways here it is
Isnt it cute? <3 the ribbons on both sides :) sooo sweet. So this one is from Zara and it costed around 25€

   This is the H&M Dress . I cant emphasize how much <3 this dress :) Cant wait to wear it outside hehe. As I said this costs only about 10€ 

  The main focus should be on the ring :) Ah okay...
The ring is absolutely gergous. Can you see the colours? It is reminding me of a mermaid. It is changing its colour when it hits the light. So pretty . Its by H&M
And to every Fashionista out there :) Grab yourself the catalogue of H&M summer 2010 and be amazed by the photoshoots. Oh my good. Its just breathtaking and here and there you will get some nice insider tips :)

Haha this one was one of the unncessariest lipstick lipgloss haul ever because if you know me you will know that I already have billions of lipsticks which overflood my make up storage thingy... Uh anyways these were all on sale. I got 50% off and YES THATS A REASON TO BUY IT EVENTHOUGH YOU DONT NEED IT looool

A little review now (left to right)
1. Manhattan lipstick 45 F
Creamy and moisturizing
2. Astor Forever 121 
beautiful smell but very drying out
3. Manhattan 54 G
creamy not very pigmented but nice
4. Beyu mini lipgloss 45
so nice :) longlasting
5. Maybelline Pink Vibration
very sticky
6. Manhattan 45 K
I havent tested it out but it says its long-lasting... I doubt though

Okay this is a bit confusing now...
The little flowers are clip ins for your hair from H&M loooove it.
I have bought a new mascara. I stuck to the max factor mascara for a really long term of time UNTIL the day came they took my fav mascara out of their sortiment which is horrible... Anyways Im trying out the XXL double sided mascara by maybelline. Its great and waterproof yeaaah. The rest is just bronzer, eyeshadow base, a pigment, eyeshadow and so on

Just have a nice day
So thats it now. I knoooow its a loooong pooooost.


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