Perfect Eyelashes tips OOTD and Be yourself

 Mascara Mascara Mascara

Some people like it waterproof
Some dont
Some people apply too much
Some dont

 The secret of beautiful eyelashes are not always fake eyelashes.
Fact is Fake eyelashes look most of the time horrible on myself because I already have huuuge eyes and eyelashes make it appear BIIIIIIIGGGGGGGGGGGGG

Step 1:
Curled eyelashes
I dont have curled eyelashes but I have an awesome trick. Heat up your eyelash curler with your blowdryer, please make sure your eyelashcurler is warm not HOT. Otherwise you will damage your eyes. Now curl it :)
The right mascara
I would never ever ever ever use non- waterproof mascara because once your eyelashes are covered with mascara (waterproof) and are dry they will look exactly the way you put your mascara on hours ago.And you dont have to worry about runny black eyes after a rainy day :)

Step 3:
Most of the time I do it wrong myself but the right application is to apply it with left to right movements... and then go up... 
A second coat of mascara should be ENOUGH.

 My outfit of the day
Sunglasses: Ray Ban zebra print
Earrings: H&M
Dress: ZARA
shoes:barefoot :P
Feeling: An extra dose of confidence

Dont mind my posing. Its just for demonstration lool

 Feel it

 I think we should give my bunny her moment... Cool cooler the coolest

Have a nice day :)

Be yourself

"Well I am" Most of the time we arent.
To be yourself requires a strong personality because most of the time we are just what our society tells us to be... If you are in a cool country and hang up with freaks you might as well behave freakish too. That doesnt mean that you like to be a freak. Maybe your inside is a romantic calm person... 

Thats why I say Be YOURSELF, do what you like to, do what you think is right for you---
We live once, we live for our dreams. Go fullfill it :)
Its so easy yet soo hard


  1. Lol false lashes most of the time if they're the really long dramatic ones, they make me look like a tranny! :D So, when I apply fake lashes (rarely) I use the half ones.

    I'm luvvving your outfit of the day & brused ankle lol =P Looking hot mama.

    And omg you have a bunny?! =O I just did a post about bunnies! Ahhhh if it ever has kids give me one of them please. Lool. xoxox

  2. loool :) like me...
    you have huge eyes too :) so we have a problem with loong fakies :)

    Yeah my bunny is a playboybunny... Ah have to check your post now

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