OOTD and mega haul

Hey gergous people!
I was on my mission again. Dont you know these days when you are just looking and dont want to shop but suddenly all the beautiful things pop out? If you dont buy you will regret it kind of things. 

In that moment the song of Verbze "shopaholic popped into my head and was on constant repeat.
Even when yo' closet's got no space
Girl you better stretch that do-ll-a bill
Can't put a price on style
Even when you' cash flow is on tha last mile
We ain't talking vanity
Ju- Ju- Just originality
Stretch that do-lla bill 
  That was my motivation in that moment lol :)

First of all lets start with my outfit on that day
           This T-shirt is a cut-off Tshirt. Ive just cut around its shoulders.

Price: 9,95€
Location: New yorker

The shorts are high waisted which I absolutely love. I think the detail with the anchor on the side and on the buttons give that short the little something :)

Price: 25,95 €
Location: Zara

Lets move on with the haul part

      This flower shirt is like the cutest thing eveeer :)
It has a waist belt and its flower details is really cute... Dont you think so?

Price: 6€ (original price 12€)
Location: C&A

          This big T-shirt I found at the men section. I saw a biiiig sale on T-shirts and as a matter of fact I love these 80's print. Just want to cut till its falling down my shoulders. The end result I might showing in my next post...

Price: 2,50€ (original price 14,95€ lol)
Location: C&A

             My love at first sight dress. Just look at this LOOOK :)
It suits me like a second skin. Its amazing. Dont you love these clothes that look way more expensive than its really are? Well, this dress is definetly one of these. It looks just like a Gucci :P Just a bit though :P 

Price: only 12€
Location: C&A

                               Im a huuuge fan of second hand shops and flea markets. Some people would never wear worn stuff. Eventhough I cannot understand that because if you love fashion IF YOU REALLY DO, you will know that you will get REAL Vintage and original pieces at those shops. The Models and Fashionistas all around the world go there, so dont thing its time waste to go there....Well I proved myself that its always good if you go there...Now take a look at this bag GREAT.
Price: only 4€ (original price around 70€)
Location: 2nd hand shop 
                  These cuties gave me a very hard time. Unfortunately H&M have soooo many nice shoes that making decisions is tough haha

Price: 29;95€

 Awww these are some cuties :) and they look sexy when you wear it... Really comfortable... The only annoying thing is that its making weird noises when you walk on woodedn floor :P 

Price: 19,95€
Location: Pimkie

Thats it ladies and gentleman
hope you had a great time with me :)
 Love you ... Till next time


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