Hey beauty addicts
This is my first real official blog post :) and Im so sorry that it took so long for me to do it.
Blame the lazinessAnyways just want to show you some products I have bought recently because I wont do haul videos that much because I have the impression you guys will be bored with that.
Anyways thats what the blog is for now
Lets start

Body shop products
These products are amazing and Im sure I will give it a mention in my videos.
The bilberry colour protect detanger is wow
Seriously its so multi functional and a go- to product.
First of all it has SPF for your hair, so its great if you are at a beach but it also works as a heat protection spray. Did I tell about the smell? Ah so delicious, it makes me spray it into my mouth :P Its also a deodorant for your hair, so anytime you go to a club or a place where your hair will stink, spray and be refreshed :)

The next product is the poppy seed oil mask
It smells so different and nice. I randomly open it during the day just to smell it and it really conditions your hair. Its also a go-to- product
As far I love the body shop anyway


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